Education Environments

This section of our program delves into specific areas within the educational facility and the general colour and design concepts that have been researched about them.

From Classrooms to Libraries within the school environment, we offer knowledge into the nuances of each area. Research from educational and design professionals is considered for direction and insightful concepts to consider.

School Palettes

Insight into appropriate colour selections for specific areas throughout the school environment.

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Entrances & Corridors

Thoughtful colour concepts to welcome and nurture children into their unique school.

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Basic Classrooms

Key findings regarding appropriate colour selection in the basic classroom environment.

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Specialty Classrooms

A deeper understanding of colour related to specialized teaching areas within the school.

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Active & Social Spaces

Dynamic and different colour considerations for areas of activity and social engagement.

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Libraries & Media Center

Colours for gathering, contemplation and focus are suggested in these relatively quiet areas of the school.

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Administrative & Functional Areas

Colour suggestions for a positive atmosphere and behavior in these public areas.

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